Recently we had the honor of hosting an engagement party at our home for Brad’s sister Abbi and her fiancé Cam. Our 1926 cottage is a bit cozy for 40 people so I decided to extend the party into our front yard! Why the front yard you ask??? Well… about three weeks before the party we had to replace the sewer line and the back yard was a huge mud hole! Desperate times call for desperate measures so I got busy turning our front yard into an outdoor living space.
I ADORE GARDEN LIGHTS!!! They set the mood for any outdoor event, so the night before the party I put Brad to work!
Then I scoured the neighborhood and borrowed all of the outdoor furniture I could get my hands on… we have the most amazing neighbors!


A few hours later we had transformed the front yard into an outdoor oasis! For your next party, here is a great BUDGET TIP… instead of spending money on cut flowers that will die in a few days USE POTTED PLANTS! I used plants to anchor the seating area, buffet, bar, and tables. I only spent $100 on plants and I still have them all in my yard today! This is one of my favorite tips from my sweet friend Carmen Johnston who has opened my eyes to the world of plants & flowers. Don’t be afraid to do this inside too. Plop a hanging basket in your favorite container and you have an instant centerpiece!
The finished product… I LOVED the way it turned out!
Here I am playing hostess, the devil is in the details
Here comes the bride-to-be! Isn’t she a cute little thing 😉


The garden lights were perfect once it got dark…. what a fun way to celebrate on a cool summer night! I found the best deal on lights HERE, what would we do without TARGET!




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  1. Love this! When I imagine my dream party, I think about being in a backyard with tons of strings of lights and/or paper lanterns lighting the tables.

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