Operation deck the halls is in full force around our house! We hosted our first Christmas party last weekend, and I’m already prepping for the next one! I LOVE CHRISTMAS and all of the decor that goes along with it… of course! I have had the privilege of working with some very talented floral designers over the last few years on some fabulous Christmas decor projects. Today I want to share with you a little bit of holiday magic that I learned from my fabulous friends Carmen of Carmen Johnston Gardens, and Roy of KSR Designs. This is a behind the scenes secret folks, a trick of the trade that you don’t want to miss!

Who wouldn’t love to have a gorgeous fresh garland like these hanging over their door or draped across their mantel??? With all of the holiday parties and special visits from family and friends I want my house to look like a magazine cover at Christmas!

magnolia co (The Magnolia Company)

mag co (The Magnolia Company)

door2(google image)

These garlands are so FABULOUS!!! They also have a FABULOUSLY LARGE price tag to go along with them, to the tune of about $200 a pop… YIKES!

The photo bellow is a garland that Carmen and I made for my house! It cost me a whopping twelve bucks! YES, You read it right only $12. I purchased three cheap faux wired garlands, and drove around town clipping fresh greenery for an hour or so. That’s all you need to transform your home for the holidays!

IMG_6624I know what your thinking… it may be cheap, but it can’t be easy right??? WRONG! It’s a sinch I promise. Here’s what you need to know…

STEP 1: Cut a mix of fresh greenery (cedar, pine, spruce, magnolia, etc…) and let them drink in buckets of water for at least 24 hours. This will keep them nice and fresh through the holiday season!


STEP 2: Flatten out your faux wired garland. “Skimpy” is better, the cheapest ones work best!


STEP 3: Cut your greenery into pieces approximately 6″ long


STEP 4: Group 3 to 4 types of greenery into a bunch. Make sure you get a good mix of texture in each bunch. Only put a magnolia in every other one so it doesn’t get too thick.


STEP 5:  Place your bunch on top of the faux garland and use two of the wired stems like a twist tie to secure the base of your bunch to the garland.


STEP 6: Repeat steps 4 & 5 all the way down the garland layering each bunch so that it covers the base of the one before it. Alternate from side to side angling your bunches in opposite directions to create a nice full look. When you are done the faux garland will be completely hidden by the fresh greenery and you are ready to deck your halls in high end style!


IMG_6501 copy


I hope that you will love making these garlands as much as I do! Get creative and show off your own personal style. Add in red berries or Christmas ornaments for a punch of color, or try spraying some of your magnolia gold to dress it up a bit. Next I will share details on a similar technique to make a fresh wreath for your door.

Check out my Style Challenge post on The Home Depot Apron Blog to see how I used my DIY garland inside the house this year!

Happy Decorating 😉

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