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How We Work

We can handle every aspect of the design process for you: new construction, renovation, space planning, furnishings and materials specification, custom window treatments, accessorizing, and paint color specification among many other services. As a member of the interior design trade we receive furniture, fabrics, accessories, etc at wholesale cost. Because we value our clients, we pass our savings on to you. Our Procurement fee is small in comparison to the markup at retail stores which is often one-hundred percent or more.

The first step in phase one is the Consultation, which takes place at the client’s home or business and consists of a question and answer session. You tell us what you want and need in your space. We are looking for your thoughts on color, fabric, furniture styles and other preferences.
We will photograph your rooms, existing furniture, accessories, etc… if any, that you would like to incorporated in your design. We ask to see all areas of your space even if you are not requesting our services for some of those areas. The objective is to create continuity in all areas of your environment — we want it to “flow”. Even if we do not work in every room, we will take all areas into consideration.

Following the Consultation, we may ask to spend time alone walking through your space, so that we can be sure to note every detail. We are interested in your personal items and strive to incorporate your treasured possessions into our design plan. A talented designer shows the client how to use his or her things in new and unusual ways.

The initial meeting usually takes two to three hours. No design advice will be given at this time; this is only the beginning of the design process.

In the next step of phase one is the Presentation, which also takes place at the client’s home or business. The designer creates a proposal tailored to fit your specific needs. Your design presentation will include floor plans, furniture, lighting, window treatments, accessories, paint colors, finishes, fabrics, etc depending on the scope of the project. At this time, prices are presented for each specific item that we recommend. Generally we are fairly accurate in our selections, but if you do not like something we will make adjustments to the plan to suit your preferences. At the conclusion of the design scheme Presentation, phase one is complete.
When you are ready to move into phase two, with a deposit of one-half the total cost of your project, you give us permission to begin the Ordering and Production process.

The third and final step of the design process is the Installation. We hang window treatments, place furniture and accessorize to complete your space!

Our Services

  • Design Development
  • Floor Plans and Elevations
  • Space Planning
  • Architectural & Interior Renderings
  • Interior Specifications and Schedules
  • Color Schemes & Finishes
  • Lighting Specification
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) Specification
  • Custom Bedding & Window Treatments
  • Custom Artwork
  • Organization/Storage Design

Our Fees

Initial design consultation: We require a $2000 retainer fee to begin phase one of the design process. The retainer is an upfront fee intended to cover initial costs for the project during the planning phase. The retainer fee will be applied as a credit for the first 20 hours of design work rendered.

Hourly fee: $100/hour


Procurement fee: Our modest procurement fee is small in comparison to the markup at retail stores which is often 100% or more (note: procurement fee applies to furniture, fabrics, accessories, custom window treatments, etc…)